Overlooked Moving Details - What Did I Forget Remember These Moving Essentials

Overlooked Moving Details – What Did I Forget? Remember These Moving Essentials

Moving is already a stressful time. There are so many little details to remember such as finding boxes and transferring utilities. With all these moving details to remember, it’s easy to forget some important things in the moving process.

You’ve made your list, but did you include everything? When you make your packing list, there are seven important things to remember when moving that are easy to forget. Make sure you double check for these tasks so you have everything in order.

Seven Moving Details You Might Forget

No matter how much planning you do for the big moving day, it’s still easy to let some things slip through the cracks. With the excitement and stress, you’re ready to complete your task. Make sure you double-check though so you reduce the stress on the other side.

1. Check for Stray Tools, Appliances, and Other Items

Tools manage to get misplaced through the years. Hammers and pliers get laid aside after a job. Garden tools get moved to new places without thinking.

Before you call your packing complete, make sure to check for these misplaced tools. You’ll likely need these items when you get to your new home.

Some of your appliances are easy to forget as well. Microwaves and coffee makers that you take for granted every day are easily left behind. Sometimes you forget these items belong to you instead of the house.

Another item easily forgotten is medications. Check all medicine cabinets for any stray bottles. Also, make sure you discard any expired items.

Do a double-check as you move around the house for any of these easily-forgotten items. It saves a lot of money once you move to your new place.

2. Collect Important Documents

Before you move, you want to make sure you have access to all important documents you’ll need in your new home. Moving means transfers for schools, physicians, vets, etc.

Make sure you request your medical records from your current physician. You have the right to access this information and you’ll need it when you look for a new doctor in your new home.

Make sure you also have:

  • Vehicle documents.
  • Legal documents.
  • Financial records.
  • School transfer info.

Make sure you keep this information close to you. Don’t pack these documents away. You’ll want easy access once you get moved in.

You should also gain access to your pet’s medical records as well. When you find a new vet they’ll need this past info. You can accomplish this as you do a finalcheck-up for your pets before you move.

3. Create an Essentials Kit

Your records are not the only thing you want to keep unpacked. Sometimes you forget these items you’ll need access to such as clothes, toiletries, medications, valuables, etc.

Keep a box or bag available with these essentials for quick access. You can also keep the records in this kit so you have everything in one place. Make sure this kit does not get packed away with everything else.

You might also want to keep cleaning supplies in the essential kit for the new home. No matter how well the previous owners cleaned, you’ll still likely need to do some cleaning once you move in. Plan for items such as antibacterial wipes and carpet cleaners.

4. Create a Packing Plan

When you’re packing, it’s tempting to just throw everything in a box and figure it out later. You’ll save a lot of time and stress if you label and plan your packing so you can find things in the new home though.

Pack things in an orderly fashion, and label the boxes carefully. Keep items together based on how and where you want to unpack it in your new home.

You might also take pictures to help you plan your unpacking later. Take the pictures before you pack so you know where you had items in your current home. This gives you an idea of where you’ll want to put things during the unpacking process.

5. Return Library Books and Cancel Memberships

It’s easy to accidentally take library books away with you if you’re not careful. As you pack your books, check to make sure no stray library books remain in your stash.

Also, don’t forget to cancel any memberships you belong to. If you belong to a gym, make sure you cancel so you don’t keep paying. Check for any other memberships you have open in your current home.

While you’re canceling memberships, also check for any stray items left behind. This includes checking at the dry cleaners for any items forgotten. This is always a place people forget to check.

6. Change Your Address

Another thing it’s easy to forget is the change of address at the post office. If you don’t make this change you can easily lose important bills and other mail.

The change of address will ensure any stray mail still sent to your old address makes it to you for another year. This gives you time to get everything transferred over.

You can complete the change of address at your local post office with a form. You can also complete the form online. Either way, it’s an easy process, but an important one.

7. Check the Reputation of Your Moving Company

You know hiring help for your move is useful, but have you checked the reputation of the options available. The people involved in your move can make or break the process.

Make sure whoever you choose is known for their professionalism. Check their reviews on their website as well as reviews on Google or other review sites. Ask questions of people who have used their services.

Getting Help With Your Move

Hiring moving labor is one of the important moving details necessary for a seamless move. Moving is a lot of work, and finding a good company to help will save you a lot of stress.

If you’re ready to find this help you need, we can help. Contact us for a quote on your moving cost.