moving 101 how many movers do I need

Moving 101: How Many Movers Do I Need?

You’ve spent years saving up for your new home. Now it’s time to move into your dream mansion…or three bedroom fixer upper. The thought of seeing your furniture laid out in the new place brings a smile to your heart.

You still have to get everything you own there.

Moving isn’t fun and asking yourself “how many movers do I need” can save or cost you money. It’s not as simple as size or distance. There are many factors in figuring out exactly the right amount of movers you need with going over or under.

We’ll outline the factors that help determine proper mover numbers and provide you with general estimations. You’ll make an educated decision, whether you’re moving to a bigger home in town or across the country for a new job.

Distance from Truck to Home

In a perfect and ideal world, you can pull the moving truck up to the front door and start taking furniture inside. This isn’t an ideal world.

If they have to carry the items up a flight of stairs, from the street to the house, etc., then you’ll need more movers.

Why? The movers aren’t machines and need breaks. If you have large heavy furniture that needs taken long distances, then you’ll need more movers.

The more movers hired for the job, the faster the job will get done.

If you don’t have enough movers, then it can not only take longer, but also items might get banged up. If you have a large distance, add another couple people to your mover estimate.

Are you Packing Yourself or Having Mover Do it?

Many movers assume you’ll do packing and disassembling before moving. They have to come in, grab the boxes and load them on the truck.

When they need to pack boxes and disassemble furniture, you’re adding work and time. Buying a new house is exciting, but be considerate of the movers.

First, make sure the movers are aware of any disassembly and packing required ahead of time. It’s not something they want to discover for themselves. When it comes to how many movers you’ll need, it depends on your time frame.

A normal small apartment can take 4 hours to pack and unpack. A 2 to 3 bedroom home can take up to 7 hours in ideal situations.

Packing and disassembling can add significant time to this. You might want to add a few more movers to speed up the process.

Are They Loading and Unloading?

When you’re moving a great distance, you won’t have the same movers load the truck as would be unloading it. If you want to cut the number of movers you need in half, then unload the truck yourself.

Loading is always the hardest part of moving. You need to determine the right places to put the boxes and furniture. It’s a complex mix of Jenga and Tetris to get everything in there.

How long does it take mover to load a truck? It depends if the bulk of the items are square or a strange cubist painting of shapes.

Once it’s done, unloading is far easier. If you plan on unloading the truck yourself, then you can cut the total number of movers by half.

If you don’t plan on unloading it yourself, then consider the distance between the truck and the new home. If it’s much smaller a distance, then you won’t need as many movers, but if it’s longer than you’ll need more.

It’s important to keep in mind the requirements for both homes when determining the total number of movers needed.

Mover Cost Considerations

Movers are usually paid on an hourly versus flat rate. So, the more movers you have the more expensive it will be unless hiring more can save you considerable time.

Imagine a 3-4 bedroom home that takes four movers 10 hours to load and unload. You’re paying for 40 hours of total work. If you cut that amount in half, then you’ve got 2 movers loading and unloading, but it may take 25 hours.

You’re now talking about a two-day move instead of one. You’re also paying for 50 hours of work instead of 40.

We have the same situation, but you added two more movers. You’ve got 6 workers loading and unloading the home for a total of 6 hours. You’re paying for a total of 36 hours of work.

You can see how adding and taking away workers can have an impact on the total cost of the move. If you’ve got too many workers, then you’ll save time, but could end up paying more because they’re not saving that much time.

The opposite is also true. Hiring fewer workers adds time to the total move. You end up paying more because the move takes longer.

How Many Movers Do I Need?

The big question everything comes down to is “how many movers do I need.” If we assume everything is average, then we can make generalizations based on house size. If you want to reduce the time, then you can add movers.

Also, keep in mind, this is loading and unloading based on the initial place of residence. If you’re moving from a 1 bedroom to a 4 bedroom, you still only have the items from the one bedroom.

Small Apartment – A small apartment would only take 2 movers about 4 hours to load and unload.

1-2 bedroom home or apartment – This would take 2 movers 5 hours to load and unload.

2-3 bedroom home – A moderate family sized home would need 3 movers 6 hours to load and unload

3-4 bedroom home – A larger sized home would need 3 movers and 8 hours to load and unload.

4 and up bedroom home – This is a large family home and would need 5 movers and need 8 to 10 hours to load and unload.

It’s All about Perspective

When you ask yourself “How many movers do I need,” there are many factors to consider from distance to the door, stairs, packing and more. We’ve given you a good estimate on average numbers and what to increase or decrease by to save you money and time.

Moving is tiring. You’ve had enough to worry about without the hassle of furniture moving.

Professional movers take away the physical strain and make sure your furnishings don’t get dinged and broken.

If you’re moving and would like to learn more about what you need, then explore our website.