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Box Basics: Moving Boxes and Where to Find Them

Boxes are one of the most important resources you need when planning a big move. Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading, moving down the street, or relocating across the country, you can’t do so without moving boxes.

There’s not too much stuff you can pack into suitcases and duffle bags. Not to mention, certain things like dishes and decorations have a better chance of arriving in good condition when they’re moved in boxes.

This makes perfect sense to most people. The harder thing to determine, though, is where to find all the boxes needed for an upcoming move.

Here are a few different places where you can find moving boxes, plus a helpful guide on how to pack them!

Where to Find Moving Boxes

One person’s moving boxes are typically another person’s trash.

Try to find out who’s willing to give old boxes away. You’d be surprised to see how much money you can save by asking for boxes from friends, family, and even local stores.

Many businesses handle a lot of boxes in their day-to-day operations. These are typically recycled or thrown out. However, most business owners are willing to give them away for free.

Go to the following places if you want to find free moving boxes in your area:

1. Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores get plenty of shipments with big boxes. Between all the paper, printers, and office furniture they order, there are plenty of boxes to go around.

All you have to do is ask to speak with the manager and see if they like the thought of you taking some boxes off their hands. Most people will jump at this offer because it means less waste for them to manage.

2. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars have just as many boxes as office supply stores do – if not more! These businesses are constantly getting orders of fresh goods in.

They operate on a schedule that’s carefully calculated, which works in your favor if you have a good relationship with a local restaurant owner. Ask your friends or family members how many boxes of goods their restaurant gets each week. See if they wouldn’t mind holding aside empty boxes for you to pick up at the end of the week.

With just a bit of patience, you may end up with all the moving boxes you need! Even if you’re offered boxes a little smaller than you’d like, take them. You can find a use for them as you’re packing everything up.

3. Grocery Stores

Just as restaurants have plenty of boxes on-hand, grocery stores do too. In fact, large grocery stores like Sam’s Club and Costco encourage customers to use boxes when transporting their goods.

These companies have a habit of saving good, sturdy boxes. It’s worth seeing whether you’re local large grocery store is willing to let go of some of their boxes to help with your move.

4. Home Improvement Shops

Home improvement shops are another place to find good moving boxes. These stores also keep a few boxes on-hand for their clients, and they get plenty of boxes with their shipments too.

This is a particularly good place to look if you need big boxes for your move. Most home improvement items are fairly large in size. The boxes they come in are perfect for packing up heavier goods.

5. Mail and Carrier Services

When in doubt, head straight to your nearest United States Post Office, FedEx, or UPS. Mail services handle large packages. They always have boxes ready for people who want to ship big items or for customers to pick up for personal use.

It’s the best way to get all the boxes you need without having to drive all around town. But keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for each box you get from a mail service establishment, and these don’t come cheap.

3 Tips for Packing Moving Boxes

Whether you get all your moving boxes for free or you find it easier to purchase them, you still have to figure out how to pack everything. This can get a little overwhelming if you’re not careful.

To be sure you keep your cool and get everything done in an orderly fashion, use these tips.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you even go out looking for moving boxes, think about how many you need.

Go through each room in the house and make a list of everything that will be going into a box. Then, tally the number of boxes you need for each room and separate them into categories based on size.

This will give you a clear idea of how many small, medium-size, and large boxes you need. It’s good to get one or two extra boxes just in case.

When you get home, place each box in the room that it’s going to be used to pack. This will ensure a steady packing process once you get to work.

2. Consider Durability and Weight

Packing boxes isn’t like packing suitcases. You can’t just stuff everything in there and hope it closes. You have to consider how fragile or durable the items you’re packing are and their total weight.

Fragile items need to be wrapped in newspaper, packing paper, or with bubble wrap. If you don’t have any of these packing resources or you’re on a tight budget, wrap fragile goods in old T-shirts or clean towels. This gives them the protection they need to stay in one piece when moving from place to place.

The weight of a moving box matters regardless of what’s inside a box. It’s a pain to re-pack a box that gave in because you put too many books or pans in it. But, it would be even more disappointing to have a box with wine glasses and good china cave under so much weight.

3. Label Everything

The final tip to keep in mind is to label everything.

All of your boxes should be labeled with the room that they have items for. This makes unloading your moving truck much easier, and it helps you organize from the second you walk into your new place.

Plus, something as simple as “this side up” or labeling a box “pots” versus “plates” saves you a lot of time.

Packing and Moving Made Simple

Speaking of saving time, have you thought about hiring people to help you pack everything up? This is the most tedious and time-consuming process of moving.

It’s worth having all the help you can get, and when that help is provided by professionals, you can trust everything will go smoothly. Finding moving boxes is just one step of the process.

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