How to Pack for a Move: 7 Tips for a Smooth Transition

How to Pack for a Move: 7 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Moving to a new house is a very exciting time. It means a fresh start for you and your family. Whether it’s to a new state or around the next block, it’s an opportunity to make new memories somewhere else.

The average American moves 11.4 times in their lifetime, so you’re among good company. But anyone who has ever moved before knows how stressful the process can be. 

If you’re preparing fora move, you’re doing a lot of packing. If you don’t do it right, you could be in for more stress than there needs to be. Stress has horrible effects on the mind and body, so it’s important to avoid it at all cost.

We’re here to make your move easier. Here are seven ways to learn how to pack for a move in an easy and effective way.

1. Make a List of Things You Need

Before you start the packing process, you need to make a list. Figure out all the essentials and make a list of what you’re bringing. 

Make a list with all the things you can’t live without. When you know what is coming with you, it makes packing easier.

Having a packing list also makes it easy to track what has arrived on moving day and what you’re missing. You can inspect everything when it’s in your new home and make sure it is still in good condition.

2. Get the Right Stuff

When you know what you’re bringing, it’s time to get the packing gear. Stock up on plenty of moving boxes and bubble wrap.

You can find these things pretty cheap, and if you ask around, you might get some for free. Also, make sure to use things you already have like storage boxes and suitcases. 

Use labels or markers to organize these boxes so you know what is in each one. It makes moving less stressful when you arrive at your new place and know what is in which box. 

3. Set Tasks for Everyone

If you’re moving with the family or enlisted the help of friends, give everyone a task. Make sure that everyone helps out when it comes to packing.

It eases the work load and gets the job done faster. You can keep track of how well things are going when you know who is in charge of what.

If you’re using movers to help, it’s a good idea to set yourself tasks to prepare for them before they arrive. 

4. Get Rid of Things

Moving to a new home is the chance to start anew with a clean slate. This means getting rid of the items in your home you never use or don’t need.

There are lots of benefits of minimalist living, but you don’t need to go to that extreme. Get rid of the things you haven’t used in over a year. You still won’t use them in your new home.

Give your old stuff to a new home by donating or selling them. You’ll feel better for doing it and you won’t miss them when you’re in your new place.

5. Take Photos

When you’re packing up complicated things like computer gear and your TV, take photos.

This way you have a guide to how to put everything back together once you set them up again. You’ll spend less time and energy trying to figure out how it all works again.

If you have an arrangement of photos or flowers you want to keep in your new home, take photos. You get to see how you had it before and makes it easy to keep everything the way it was.

6. Learn How to Pack

When you’re packing everything you need, learn how to do it well. Do it in a wide, open space so you have room for all the boxes and stuff.

Get all the packing materials in there and keep track of how many boxes you have there. Wrap up each delicate item with layers of bubble wrap or wrapping paper so they don’t break.

Roll up all your clothes to give you room to pack more in. Put heavy items in small boxes and be sure not to over-pack or the boxes might split. Put all heavy boxes together so you know what to move into the van first.

7. Hire Movers

Moving house is a lot of work and it makes a lot of sense to enlist professional help. When moving big things like furniture and couches, movers can help you get it done. 

Professional movers know how to get everything to your new place in a safe way. Movers can help cut down the moving time so that you spend less time going back and forth.

If you try to do it all alone, you run the risk of breaking things you love or hurting yourself. Movers will keep your things as safe as possible in an efficient way. 

How to Pack for a Move: It Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Learning how to pack fora move doesn’t have to be a boring or stressful time. There are lots of ways to pack up everything you need in a fast and efficient way. Following these tips means you spend less time moving and more time in your wonderful new house.

Moving house soon and need to hire movers? Get a quote from us to get started with your move as soon as possible at a great rate.