Relaxed Relocation 8 Tips for a Stress Free Moving Day

Relaxed Relocation: 8 Tips for a Stress Free Moving Day

Moving to a new home is a major undertaking. It’s actually one of the most stressful things in life. There’s so much to do, think about and keep up with, that most people dread the experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The key is knowing a few stress-free moving tips. After all, you’re transitioning into a new home, and new beginnings should be exciting! Let’s take a look a few things you should know to make your next move less stressful.

Relaxed Relocation: 8 Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Day

If you feel the panic rising as moving day approaches, take a deep breath. Here’s the ultimate guide to a stress-free moving day – don’t leave home without it.

Have a Plan

One of the most crucial factors in reducing stress during a move is to create a plan and stick to it. Start developing your plan the moment you find out your move-out date.

It’s important to be very strategic. Move from room to room, packing things in order and not starting a different room before another is finished. Completing one room before the next is the most effective packing process.

Label every box very carefully, loading the truck room by room in order to make the unloading process as efficient as possible. Keep essentials like toothbrushes where you can easily get to them, write the contents on each box so that you won’t have to search for items, and pack a suitcase so that you’ll have clothes to wear before everything has been unpacked.

Hire a Moving Company

Do yourself a huge favor and hire a moving company. This might be an expense you’d rather avoid, but it’s worth every penny. Moving is stressful enough without having to add the backbreaking labor of loading heavy boxes and furniture onto the truck.

Professional movers make the process so much easier. They carefully wrap delicate items to protect them from getting damaged, they work fast, and they know how to get the job done most efficiently.

Be sure to shop around for the best prices, and always ask about what is included in the upfront cost, as well as any additional fees you can expect.

Take Care Of Yourself

One of the things people often take for granted when moving is the simple act of taking care of yourself. This includes getting enough sleep and eating well. It’s human nature to let these things slide during stressful times, but getting ample rest and properly fueling your body is good for maintaining physical and mental health.

Try to resist the impulse to stay up late packing or skipping meals. After all, you might get more accomplished but you’ll pay the price by feeling exhausted the next day. You also run the risk of getting sick by depleting your body of necessary nutrients and lack of proper sleep.

Take naps when needed, eat healthy snacks, and schedule enough time for the move so that you won’t need to push yourself too hard to get everything done on time.

Throw a Going Away Party

Often when people move to a new home, they are leaving friends and family behind. And if you are moving to a different state, or across the country, you’ll want the chance to tell everyone goodbye.

going away party is a great way to do this. Throwing a party gives everyone a chance to say tearful goodbyes in a happy and fun environment.

There will be people in your neighborhood you’ve likely formed close relationships with, your children have grown up together, and perhaps your families have developed a bond that will last forever.

It’s not easy moving away from these friendships, so a party is the perfect way to celebrate your time together and to share memories and tears before beginning the next chapter of your lives.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Some people find it difficult asking for help. And they end of getting in over their heads and turn the move into a much more stressful process than it needs to be. Most of the time, friends and family are happy to help, and the extra manpower makes the work go much faster.

The key is to begin reaching out as soon as you know your move date. Give people time to clear their schedules so they can be there when you need them.

Prepare to Feel Uprooted 

The reality of moving is that you will likely feel uprooted for a certain amount of time. It’s common to live out of boxes for days or even weeks until everything can be put away.

You’ll likely feel exhausted by the time you reach your new home. So don’t plan to get everything done overnight. Just keep in mind that everything will calm down soon enough and you’ll slowly begin to feel normal again as you settle into your new life.

Keep Track of Valuables

When it comes to valuables such jewelry and family heirlooms, pack them separately and keep them in a location where you can easily protect them. Also, take a look at your homeowner’s insurance to see exactly what is covered during the move.

Remember Why You’re Moving in the First Place

With so much to remember and keep track of, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re taking this journey in the first place. Perhaps you are moving for a new job, or to be closer to family, or you’ve retired and decided this is the time to relocate to an area where you’ve dreamed of living.

Taking the time to reflect on the changes in life can help reduce stress. Moving is exhausting, but try not to lose sight of the excitement and new adventures and memories that lie ahead of you.

Taking the Stress Out of Moving

Moving to a new home is complicated and demanding, yet there are ways to stay stress-free. The tips in this article are a great way to experience stress-free moving during the process of relocating.

The key is to stay organized and take care of your health. And don’t shy away from letting friends and family lend a helping hand. Take a deep breath and try to experience joy in every step of the process!

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